Thursday, July 07, 2011


The phone rings .....  No1 Son is calling from Taiwan to Australia ....   Are You Ok he asks ... his father says Yes but why..........

well it seems like I haven't been blogging or writing many emails of late and he was worried.

The reason being I feel like I have been

hibernating... the weather is cold and wet.   Although I must admit we had a couple of nice days, not warm but sunny, last week and I did manage to do some gardening.
So after chatting, I promised No1 Son I would write a substantial blog post.

Happy 4th of July

to my American friends.  
But I have a special reason to remember and celebrate that day.  It is the birthday of The Princess, 3rd child and only female (and favoured by all, but she does deserve it)

This is her with her two brothers, both of whom she is great friends with.   I had the photo taken approx 1976 and had a large one made to send to my Mother in England who unfortunately never met her Aussie Grandchildren.

A beautiful girl, with a beautiful smile who always seemed to make others smile too.
Hope you had a Happy Birthday Sarah, whose name incidentally does mean Princess.

The days have been spent in the sewing room.  I have found some UFO's which I really want to get finished.

But the one I am currently working on is from a Pattern Called Leanne's House, but I call it My Home.   This is the 2nd block work in progress.

I am doing more embroidery than the pattern, but I do love embroidering.

Also you will note in my right hand margin Stitched Sunday .... Helen from Hugn'Kisses is teaching us how to stitch and there is always something new to learn.   The squares she gives are for a Needlebook, but I am doing mine to put into a Cuddle Quilt.  This is the 1st block from last Sunday, not stitched yet so I had better get a move on.

There has been great concentration put into the making of the Food Row for the Robin Rowers.  I was secretly dreading this row as I felt that food just didn't fit in.   But I think its fine, the Quilter wanted 30's prints and I just couldn't get my head around it until .......   now this is only a sneak view and the rest of the row is not at all like it

I finished stitching this tonight, (nice and early once again) and I have just to stitch the label

Tomorrow is forecast much the same weather wise (and life wise) so after a quick trip to the shops I think its back to the sewing room and my Kindle, did I tell you how I love my Kindle.  The books I have read this year I have listed on the right hand side, this is for my reference and its great to see how much I have read.


Jules said...

TP is not the only one wondering if all was ok! I miss you! But as long as you are ok and as you always say - No news is good news - I have to content myself with that!
Good to see your lovely work birdie.

Sarah said...

That pic of your kids is so cute! I love those freckled turned-up noses.

We are hibernating too. It's too hot to go outside!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Sheila, long time since I've written however I often stop by and admire all your creations! I really like your postcards and your row by row...curious as to what else you have added to the row! For some reason, I thought that you had an audio device for your books, but would you recommend a Kindle? I am thinking of getting one!

Peggy...who is enjoying warm weather! SUMMER!

retdairyqueen said...

Well a nice long post to please everyone
Glad you are ok
Lousy weather we are having for sure

Iceni UK said...

Hi Sheila, you have been weather here in UK, sprinkled with rain, like today!!!! the garden is drinking it up to quench the dryness. :) :)

Love you Food Row sample...looks intriging! I have finished my food row... now onto the Trees....:) :)
take care

Molly said...

Love all your projects Birdy, especially the "home" project and that last little stitching one [may have to check the source!]
We have to talk! You mentioned you have a Kindle. I have a Nook, present from OC for birthday. He is Mr. Gadget, I'm not, and haven't read a book on it yet!
You are so kind---thank you for your lovely, wise comment.
Rise arrived laden with books for me. First I read "One Day" by Mike Nicholls. It was a wonderful read, part of World Book Night. Now I'm reading The Housekeeper and The Professor. It's a little strange, but I'm still reading, so it can't be a total washout! Next in line is The Elegance of The hedgehog. Will send a report!!