Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday evening (Friday) the Weatherman forecast fine and sunny weather for Saturday and Sunday.  So I was all prepared to garden.   The weeds have been taking over for the past couple of months and it definitely needs some attention.  The fishpond needs cleaning and a couple of plants need moving.

The plan was I would be up bright and early, breakfast, have the dishes washed and the beds made and be out in the garden by 10 am.

hahaha the well laid plans of mice and men ......    the sun did manage to shine around 4.00 pm but it was a chilly, windy, damp day.The temperature did make this at around 4.00

Not much electricity generated by our solar panels,but then we are $300 in credit, so that should see us through the winter.

To make up I took some photos of two of my shrubs which are Winter Flowering and look rather nice at the moment.    The white one is behind the bird bath, and would you believe we have birds bathing and having fun every day.  ummmm who said 'bird brain'

And here are two Postcards received in this months theme of "Free Choice" swap.

From Janet in Canada

Isabell in UK

Mine aren't done yet as I keep changing my mind .... Free Choice is very hard to deal with.


Jules said...

The Pc's are absolutly stunning birdy - most attractive and what a joy to keep.

The garden looks very pretty with the plants you show in pictures. I really should be out there now, in our garden - it is so lovely and sunny right now and the dog is full out in the middle of the lawn basking in the sun! The gardener is busy!!! Bless him, I really should go and help!He has carried out a few wishes!!! lol. After the cold days and even cooler nights ( well it IS July in UK !) it is sitting in the shade time, all this heat makes me sleepy! No pleasing some people is there? LOL

Right - will show willing... now where did I put my book?......

What Comes Next? said...

Amazing isn't it? In most professions being wrong that often would cost you your job, but with weathermen it is expected! Yesterday we finally broke free of a our cold wet summer (our temperatures have been right there with yous!) and we had sunshine - and again today. I'm hoping to get a little work done in my garden as it has been very neglected this year. Glad you like your postcard!
Hugs, J