Friday, July 29, 2011


The finishes I cant show as they haven't been received yet.

But this is the fabulous Postcard from Thea in the 4x6ers Free Choice.  Very talented ladies and a group I really enjoy belonging to.

And in the famous words of the Commercial
not only but also

my Animal Row in RxR Exchange.  

Birds from Michelle

I really love these.  When I was a child, many many moons ago, my Father would draw little chicks for me, and they were exactly like these.  So like when I smell home grown tomatoes, looking at these I think of my Father.

There are now five rows complete.   They will not necessarily be joined together in this order, but this is how it takes my fancy at the moment.


Iceni UK said...

Sheila, aren't they just the cutest little birds from Michele. They are beautiful, your quilt looks amazing and still 3 more to go...

Molly said...

Cute little birds,Birdy! Did you ever get my e-mail of a week ago?

Jules said...

So lovely! Really attractive, all of it. The damsel fly is beautiful - dragon fly if you prefer, but still beautiful.
As for the chicks - ah..... cute.

Barn Owl said...

All very pretty
Your reading
My sisters keeper is a very good book
I have read most of Jodi Picoult books and enjoyed all of them
Let me know what you think
Love to you Ei