Thursday, June 23, 2011


whoops NO it was Wednesday yesterday.  This week 3 Little Sisters.  I am really grateful to Karen from Journey of A Quilter for keeping me on track, its great to have a task to accomplish each week, even if it only gets thought about, as in the Asian Cousins Hexies.  I also have to decide how large this quilt is going to be ..... to make a top for the bed I will about 600 flowers.  ummm think I had better do some proper maths and make up my mind. 

I feel I should really be a Mama Bear and hibernate in the Winter months but the disadvantage of that is... you are expected to eat yourself silly first, then give birth to your baby cubs.  Nice thought but I am too old for that sort of nonsense. and then they grow into teenagers.  So I guess its thick jumpers, quilts and a bit of growling.


Karen said...

Oh boy, 600 sounds like a lot, but how beautiful that would be!!!

Jules said...

Hahaha.... No longer broody eh? Gotta settle for keeping warm and enjoying making quilts - sounds good to me. And how lovely those quilts are ( the grown up cubs are quite cute too :-D ) The flowers are pretty and will make a good show all together. xxx

Birdie said...

Love all your fabric you use.