Friday, June 03, 2011


You will remember the 'sad' excitement of the fire in the House Next Door last November

well today

After 6 months of a very scruffy looking plot next door they have started to rebuild.   But first to remove all the old debris.   We are very glad it is the colder months, as we wouldn't be able to sit outside for the terrible din that is going on.  

It is quite mesmerising to stand and watch.... and it feels so sad as this house was built about a month before ours, and that was 42 years ago.  I can hear the noise as I sit here, and it leaves a cold dull ache in my stomach.  So many memories just going to the 'tip'.

Better back to the sewing room..... can't show you what as they are both for swaps and we are not supposed to show until they have been received.   But suffice to say the row is for 'animals'  now I was going to do 'dolphins', well we are allowed to run riot with our imagination.    But I kept looking at the rows it was going to join

and these little critters just kept shouting, 

we belong there
we belong there

so sorry Michelle NO Dolphins.


Jules said...

It will be nice to have a new build and new family next door. Very sad all the same.
The sewing looks good ;-)

Mishka said...

You're such a tease.. I'm sure whatever "animal" row you send me will be awesome.

I finally decided on what I'm making my partner tonight. Have traced and started cutting fabrics for it.

Ali Honey said...

That's looking really good so far; I like how you did the word friends.

Sooziii said...

Gosh it doesn't seem like over 6 months since you blogged about the fire!!
At least you wil have something nice to look at instead of the ruins.