Tuesday, June 07, 2011


The Young Guys worked very hard, waking us up at 7.00 am yesterday and today.  I usually get up around 7.30 ish,   but try to make it as late as possible so as not to wake The Scot, who since his Epic Year with the c,  seems to be reluctant to get up very early.   Another of the reasons I go to bed later.  I usually find I can't stay longer than 6 hours, so I enjoy being a 6 hour sleep person.   But I do HATE being woken up.

So what does it look like now ......   this was yesterday

and today

This 1 block of land is owned by the Housing Commission .... so now we must wait to see what they will build....... please don't let it be a two storey building.

Moving onto nicer things ... this is the Postcard received from Janet in Canada for our Building theme for the Postcard Swap. 

Oh how clever how I wish I had thought to do a dunny with a redback spider ah well another time.

The next theme is Free Choice, this I am having a little difficulty with but I think I will try some photo transfer and machine embroidery. 


retdairyqueen said...

Iam sure your postcards will be as good as any

Jules said...

The men certainly left a very tidy building plot - quick - get your veggies in Scottie, a fruit cage and it's yours! Lol...

Your postcards will be looked forward to, whatever you decide to do. :-D