Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SEWING sewing and more READING

The sewing room has been a hive of activity of late.

The birthday quilt for No1Son was finished and is now in Taiwan.   Although I think it will be only used for decoration at the moment as its quite hot there.

The quilt is quite a simple design, but has fabrics purchased in New Zealand, where TP lived for a while, and the gold has clamshells on which are reministant of China and Taiwan, and it was made by his pommmie born but now Aussie mum.   Quite an international quilt.

and also the row for this last months rxr has been mailed.  The theme was Stars.

The Postcards, theme Buildings, will hopefully be in the mail by the weekend.   and then I relax for two months.

Meanwhile as a change to the hexies, I have looked out a very old UFO, which has machine piecing and embroidery on it.   Will photo it tomorrow.

Oh and did I tell you I love my Kindle.     currently reading
The Help ~: Kathryn Stockett


Jules said...

Lovely quilt! Imagine TP was really pleased with that, especially all the carefully thought out reasons and symbolism.

The rxr's look good and the viewing of the UFO ( or should I say one of..... roflol) is eagerly awaited.

Kindle? don't they make children's choc eggs?!!!!!

Lindi said...

The quilt looks scrumptious. He'll love it. :)
I really like those stars, too.
As to Kindle's - I love mine too! I'm currently reading another Elm Creek book, as well as Stephen Fry's first autobiography.

quiltmom said...

What a nice quilt for your son and I love the row of different colored stars- I really how they give the woven look.

As for the Help- well- I loved it - it is a terrific book. It is on my all time favorite book list- you know the one you keep in your head!
Enjoy the read.


Molly said...

I'll bet your son is delighted with his beautiful quilt!

And The Help? I LOVED it!

Iceni UK said...

Sheila, the quilt is gorgeous, I'm sure your son will treasure it. The gold colours make it look opulent and full of sunshine.

The star row is a WOW, love the way you have made your stars.

take care

LuAnn said...

What a great quilt! I love the fabric that looks like clamshells. Beautiful hexagons in the other post, too!

Sarah said...

That quilt is stunning! I really like the fabric you chose for the border.