Friday, May 20, 2011


oh dear, I made so many of them and they all seem to go the same way.  I think I must have a cupboard full of them.

This year I was NOT going to start any new projects.    Well so far so good.   But then I saw this one.

And it just was calling ... stitch me, stitch me.

Unfortunately I missed the copy with the beginning of the pattern in.  And I can't locate another copy either at any of my Newsagents or on the Internet.

So if anyone has  Homespun   vol  12  copy 4    that they would be willing to either sell or swap for something.   Please email me.

I have started the first three blocks ready to stitch

 I am going to use the remainder of my Portugal by April Cornell, with a few added.

Of course having a multi track mind I am still working on this one

I don't usually use pale colours but I am enjoying working with these threads and they are looking so kool.

Whilst I am snug in the Sewing Room, listening to The Help ~ Kathryn Stockett
What an engrossing book, if you haven't then it is definitely worth a read.

The Scot has been busy in the garden.

The vegetable plot,

and he tells me the Scarecrow needs some new clothes..... ummmm hasn't he learnt This Quilter doesn't Do Buttons nor does she Make Clothes.   lol.   But I will see what I can find in the cupboard.

And he has removed his beloved passionfruit and planted another in is place.


Jo in TAS said...

I'll check to see if I have a spare copy!

Vickie said...

Sorry I don't have that issue, otherwise I would of gladly sent it too you. I so hear you on the I'm not going to start anything new-sometimes a gal just has to do it...
The Vege patch is looking good,I think the Scot should have a look in his wardrobe and redress the scarecrow-yep good idea hehehe,cheers Vickie

Iceni UK said...

Hi Sheila, I have thsi magazine as a subscription from Manor House Magazines website here in the UK. they nearly always have back copies of magazines.

Like you, I may start this quilt, but later in the year as I have so much going on at the moment.

Good luck with your search.