Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 As you know I am in the 4x6ers Postcard Swap.    Which I enjoy very much but as you will see by the photos I think I am very much the beginner in the group.

These are the Postcards I sent for this Theme, which was Buildings.

and now you will see why I put mine first.   This is the fabulous one from Isabell in the UK.  she really sets a high standard and her work is fabulous.

I have a lot to learn.

But tomorrow I get my eyes tested.   So new glasses here I come.


Jules said...

The differing styles are amazing birdy and each really beautiful. They are an expression of art in their own right. Both of these have an impactof their own - lovely.

Sarah said...

I would be too intimidated to swap with Isabell! Her thread painting is beautiful.

aubirdwoman said...

But Isabell is such a lovely lady she doesn't intimidate me one bit. lol