Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Goodness me, One Flower Wednesday comes round so quickly.  Last week I missed as I was busy trying to finish a present quilt for TP.   But its in the mail now but I did manage to get some hexies done in the evenings.

I am getting quite anxious to start stitching it together now, as the pile of flowers is growing.

Oh and would anyone like The Scot.   I am mad at him .... he is very good at maths and can use Autocad exceptionally well.   But when I asked him this morning of he could draw me a template, he started giving me all sorts of silly excuses .... like angles and lines and things like that.   So I am giving him away now.  But no return address will be put on him.    Yes he is in the dog house and will be lucky if he gets any tea.
I mean he should have learnt by now not to cross a quilter.


Kate said...

Hi Sheila
Your hexies are looking great,,,such warm cosy colours...
Poor "Mr Scot" in the doghouse,,I am sure you remember the old saying,,"the way to a mans heart is through is stomach" ?? work on him after tea,,, see if you get better results..if not - its back to the doghouse,,,lol Take care hugs K xx

Jules said...

Hahahaha.......... Oh birdy! My word verification is 'irtypest' - a new word to call The Scot? lol

The hexies are lovely - could it be that he wants you to bind them using his idea? At least we have a laugh... I have 'a man' who laughed his socks off at your comments so I am afraid another one is out of the question, but I hope you find a suitable home soon - LOL xxx

Karen said...

Fabulous flowers and I think you should keep The Scot, you would miss him!

Polka Dot Classic said...

Love your flowers and the fabric choices !
Let him out of the doghouse
tomorrow will be a better day :)
And look that big plate of guavas. I love guavas but they are so expensive in florida $3 for one and not so big either.

Annemieke Price-Talen said...

Very nice colours you use, i like the ones with the blue's.

Gr Annemieke.

Karyli said...

What beautiful flowers. I especially like the red one. Very nice work!!

rosie said...

They are beautiful colors, not what I would have chosen, but I do love them..

501 Quilt Blocks said...

Love your flowers!

Roxanne said...

Love your hexies this week. Very nice color combinations.

Mishka said...


Your hexies are gorgeous. I've recently become a hexaholic too. Yikes!

What do need a template for?


retdairyqueen said...

I'll have him