Sunday, May 15, 2011


Oh I do hope it is.

I have completed my commitments for the time being.

The Stars row was mailed early last week, and the Postcards are all packed ready to go tomorrow.
A sneak preview of the Postcards.   I would love to  show them but will wait until one has been received.

Buildings was the theme.  Next theme is going to be difficult ..... Free Choice.   Any ideas gratefully received.

I have the next row planned for the RXR and also No1Son wants 3 dolphins like the Postcards for the Oceans Theme.

But today .......    we tidy ..... I am too ashamed to show a photo of what it looks like now, but hopefully will be able to show you one later.

One Way Birdwoman is what the Scot calls me, I take things out but don't put them back.ah well  we all can't be perfect.   Thank goodness roflo.

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Jules said...

Know that feeling birdy! Now free choice - birds fly freely, or should lol. Birds in flight? Soaring high in the sky????? Well you did ask!!! LOL.