Monday, April 04, 2011


You remember ......

which was taking shape nicely.

Well I committed the unforgivable sin (in my eyes anyway) of asking The Scot's Opinion.

He thought it looked too muddled and offered a few different solutions.  One being sashing between the blocks, which would have been easy but I have a thing about straight vertical and horizontal sashing on quilts ..... it just jarrs my senses.

So this afternoon, after shopping and a quick lunch  I sat down at the computer with EQ4 ( I know its outdated but it works well for me)
and I have come up with this.
Now remember not exact colours and it has to be fine tuned a little.   But I think I will like this better, so maybe it was a good idea to ask The Scot   but I wont tell him.

and just on looking at it here, I have a better idea so back with another design later.


Jules said...

Two heads better than one eh birdie? That looks really nice I have to say. x

Gwargedd said...

I think it looks great.