Friday, April 29, 2011


Little blog posting but quite busy otherwise.   A few late nights,  courtesy of my cyberfriend Molly Bawn who told me I should read Edgar Sawtelle.    Didn't think I would really enjoy it, but then Molly suggested usual I became absolutely enthralled by Edgar and the Sawtelle Dogs.  Each chapter seemed to change and keep me guessing but the conclusion what not expected.  thanks Molly for such a good read, and if you haven't I really would recommend Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski.  

What next Molly???

the stitching and colouring is finished on the 1st block

I am well pleased with it.   But I hope my colouring in improves by the 9th block.

Also the quilt for TP is ready to be pinned and quilted

The Scot keeps reminding me that I should have outlined the 9 patch blocks with the brown.    But I somehow dislike quilts with sashing on them.  
The first quilt I made was this Bears' Paw.   And I really liked it.   But on looking at it now I think it would be much nicer without the sashing.   I just seem to prefer no straight sashing lines in my quilts.

Tomorrow I plan to spend in the garden.  It really does need some attention and the weather is for sunny and warm.   The past couple of days have been beautiful, sunny and warm but very cold at nights.


Jules said...

Hello - glad you are ok and busy. The quilt for TP is looking great and I agree with you it is fine as it is but so is the bear's paw quilt. Different styles for different quilts both good :-)

The days sound really nice for reading and stitching. Too windy here now again. We have gone from 26-30c right down to single figures at times. Really cold in the wind or even indoors in the evening and night. Cold nose and feet weather! Nice and sunny now after a cloudy morning. xxxxx

Jules said...

Forgot to say - love the stitchery - looking really nice and the colouring is very pretty. :-D

Fiesta said...

Wonderful stitchery Sheila. YOu have been a busy girl.

Lindi said...

The stitchery looks lovely. :)
I agree with you, no brown sashing. It looks good as it is.
BTW I am back to blogging. Trying to catch up on a couple of important events in the last year, as well as keep up to date now. lol

Molly said...

Glad you liked Edgar! We've been listening to audio books as we drive back and forth in the car. We're on a R.L. Stevenson roll at the moment. Listened first to "Treasure Island," which I referred to as "Harrrr Mateys!" Then "Kidnapped" which we loved, and today we started listening to Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde.
All three are books I'd heard of all my life but never got around to reading. I'm glad I finally did! I could give the Scot a run for his money with my Scottish accent. My rolling "r-s" would bring a tear to his eye!