Tuesday, March 08, 2011


well, for a few days anyway.   But the last couple of days have been beautiful.  A bit windy today but the swing seat is fairly sheltered so a couple of hours sewing and reading listening to The Clockwork Universe is a very interesting read.  Probably more so if you understood maths.  Was discussing it with The Scot .... whose brain seems to revolve around numbers.... he admitted he never could get his head around  'calculus' whilst I had to admit the 'times tables' sometimes baffled me.

Postcards are almost ready to be sent... this time Monochromatic.   Wont show until they have been received.

But these are the ones I received for Circles and/or Triangles.

Betsy says... Pyramids of Giza.    But I really think they look like luxurious Tents with a handsome rich Arabian Prince awaiting me inside.    in my dreams :)

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Jules said...

Birdie what are you thinking about?! Arabian princes - well just one maybe - waiting for you in a tent!!! It is all that sitting in the sun, turned your head! LOL ! ( how lovely though!) Yes, the postcards are very original and so different in thoughts/shapes. Very pleasing to see.
Your reading sounds very highbrow and I like that you and The Scot can discuss the books. Brilliant!