Thursday, March 10, 2011


probably due to the nicer weather and sitting outside reading (listening) to my Kindle ..... did I tell you that I love my Kindle.  I have joined enabling me to buy one book a month at a lesser rate.   And today they sent me an offer of a choice of books at $4.95.  So on perusing I found two to buy

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Tea Time for the Traditionally Built  The No.1 Ladies'Detective Agency

and the monthly read

The Silent Governness by Julie Klassen

Sewing 'chantelle'

four flowers for the Asian Cousins Quilt

They are shown on black, but I am thinking maybe a deep aubergine colour.  I have seen a fabric which I think would look good.  I must chase it up and see what I think.

And welcome back Adopted Sisters 

Only a sneak preview of the Monochromatic Postcards ... which are all finished and ready to be put in the post tomorrow. 


Karen said...

Love the sweet Little Sisters and can't help but love the Asian Cousins!

Tineke said...

They will be great on aubergine I think!

Birdie said...

Lovely hexies, I like your themes.

Molly said...

I think you will love Water For Elaphants! I think Sara Gruen finally has another book out......I would vote for the aubergine over the black.

Jules said...

Aubergine gets my vote :-D

Your hexies are very pretty. xxx