Wednesday, March 23, 2011


about a busy day..

First up its One Flower Wednesday    and although not many new hexie flowers quite a lot achieved

A new Asian Cousin and a tidy box

The Little Sisters with their revamped centres

and their tidy storage box

Adopted Sisters weren't forgotten, even tho the photo was.

This morning we had a hospital appointment for The Scot, what a hassle to find the MRI Building but that's another story.  I had to be organised as I had a three hour wait.   Lucky for me in the same building right through the glass doors was a

coffee    shop

so after making sure The Scot was having the Nurses and the Lady Doctor dancing attendance on him I headed for a large coffee and choosing to sit on the balcony where it was very quiet  ..............I


Did I tell you I luv my Kindle.  I am now reading The Silent Governess

and I only seemed to get settled when out he came.    Oh to be happy in a waiting room for three hours lol.

This afternoon a little progress was made on the TP Quilt

and to top off a good day just look at the Monochromatic Postcard I received from Isabell

He looks even more beautiful in the flesh.


Annemieke Price-Talen said...

Lovely flowers you made and so many. Happy stitching.
Gr Annemieke.

Raewyn said...

Your flowers are coming along well!!! I love your Little Sisters ones especially :-). Your kiwiana jelly roll is great, I'm thinking of getting one to make a special quilt for my brother in the States.

Dolly Cloth said...

great Hexagons, good job.

Karen said...

You sure were prepared for the waiting room! Excellent storage box, well organized. Love the pink Asian fabric.

Barn Owl said...

So pleased The Scot was not in with the Doctor to long So must be good newa.
Love every thing you are doing.

Really good day here Sunshine all the time and not so cold.
Love to you both

Just One More Thing said...

I love your flowers with all the fabrics -- very colorful!!

Birdie said...

Your new Asian Cousin is very nice, I have a stack of Asian squares I might have to have another look at and use your theme.

Marieke said...

Your flowers look wonderful. And great to have 3 hours to do what you want: reading and quilting. Hope the Scott is okay?

Roxanne said...

I love your Asian cousin hexies. Adds a lot of character to the flower.

Jules said...

Pleased to hear the wait was not so bad. Well organized. :-D
Lovely flowers and beautful postcard. Not a bad day then?! xxx

sunny said...

You can really whip out the hexies when you're that organized. I always carry a little project with me wherever I go. Your hexies are beautiful.