Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Little Sisters are getting a makeover.    I knew all along I didn't really like the plain yellow centre, and I just won't learn to stop and think when my brain is telling me .... don't like that, don't like that.

So after a bit of organising in the sewing room today.  (Today is a holiday Labour Day ~ which always makes me think of Maternity Wards)
I am sitting down with the unpicker going ripit ripit ripit.

I did think I would have to bin them and make fresh ones, but if I unpick carefully I can save them.
Yes The Scot is rolling his eyes again.

And to see the works of The Robin Rowers click on the title ROBIN ROWERS just under my heading banner ( or click http://birdwomanau.blogspot.com/p/robin-rowers.html and you will see the rows received so far by all the ladies.

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