Friday, March 25, 2011


and have a look at  some beautiful quilts 

I have entered The Weekly Themed Quilt Show of Quilting Bloggers run so well by Michelle.

go to Quilting Bloggers Weekly Themed Quilt Contest
and if you like mine please vote for me.  but there are some beautiful ones there.

This is the quilt I have entered

It was a birthday present for No1 Son and the quilt and he now reside in Taiwan.  It did take rather a long time to complete, but being an ideal Quilter's Son he understood why it came a couple of years late.


Barn Owl said...

very lovely and very colourful.
Now going to vote.

Another Nice day here again.
But forecast cold & rain pos tomorrow.never mind we are travelling to Sussie Land for racing so should be ok.
love to you both.

Jules said...

I just love this quilt so have voted for it - 7 votes now. Very good.

I just love all the colours and shapes. Keep on quilting........

My verification word is forsistr, which gave me a laugh, it should have been forson. lol x