Saturday, March 19, 2011


and I missed One Flower Wednesday post.   But these are my hexie flowers for this week.

I knew I didn't like the plain yellow centres of the Little Sisters, so these have been unpicked and new centres added.

and one Asian Cousin

and I have just finished reading 'TeaTime for The Traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith'

For the first chapter I didn't think I was going to like it.   But it actually grew on me.   A very light hearted read in the series No1 Ladies Detective Agency.

Now what to start next, I have 12 books waiting.


Jules said...

i2 books waiting! :-( I'm waiting too :-( Pleased you are enjying your reads and your sewing. These hexi's are very pretty and the asian one very exotic. Well done you. :-D I am on my seventh book - all this reading... Luvs ya,

AnitaS said...

Your hexies are very lovely. I think you have a great time reading.

Karen said...

I like them both ways, but you have to be happy with the end result. Looking good!!!

Renate said...

Your flowers are lovely

Birdie said...

Pretty mix of fabrics, you have been busy. I will have to look up the book "Water for Elephants".