Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I found this so true when working in an Aged Care Home about 6 years ago.  I was fortunate in that I was not Nursing (not that I wouldn't have liked to be a Nurse) but just listening and chatting and helping the folk in the Winter of their lives.
Some of the lovely interesting ones.... an old fellow who had been a Principal of a School,  one who had hoped to be a jockey but always seemed to be 'mucking out' the stables.   A concert pianist,  the guy who had invented those Magnetic bands for arthritis and rheumatic sufferers. a lady whose son had been captain of a famous Melbourne Football club.   a tiny lady who had survived two concentration camps.  Oh and many more, and they all had stories and tales of yesterday to tell but unfortunately not many folk to listen to them.

Why write about this you may ask.   I have just finished my last book
(did I tell you I love my Kindle)

Water for Elephants~Sara Gruen.   You must put this on your library list.  It was suggested to me by Molly @ http://mollybawnchronicles.blogspot.com/  a cyber friend of quite a few years now.    She writes a very interesting blog (I think she should have been a writer herself).   Now I read the description of the book and thought ....  I don't think I will like this one you see I HATE circuses.   I hate to see the animals perform.  Many moons ago when I was young we lived close to a RaceCourse that was no longer used for racing but was a Recreational Park.  And when a Circus came to town more often that not they would stay there.    A Parade, as described in the book, always took place.  I well remember the Elephants they would walk holding the one in front them by the tail.  That was the only part I would watch.

But back to the book ..... I was sure I would hate it and not even get past the first chapter.   But as Molly recommended it (and all previous recommendations have been great) I bought it and read it.

I wont spoil the plot but you must read it for yourself.  I had great difficulty in putting it down, hence a late night last night and no housework today.   But my what a book    the beginning the middle and the ending ... fantastic.
Water for Elephants~Sara Gruen.

quote from Audible.Com
An atmospheric tale of life and love in a Depression-era traveling circus. Nonagenarian Jacob Jankowski reflects back on his wild and wondrous days with a circus. It's the Depression Era and Jacob, finding himself parentless and penniless, joins the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. There he meets the freaks, grifters, and misfits that populate this world. Jacob introduces us to Marlena, beautiful star of the equestrian act; to August, her charismatic but twisted husband (and the circus' animal trainer); and to Rosie, a seemingly untrainable elephant. Beautifully written, with a luminous sense of time and place, Water for Elephants tells of love in a world in which love's a luxury few can afford.

Did you see the SuperMoon on Saturday night/Sunday morning.   It was very clear in Australia although my photography is not very good.

I can show my Monochomatic Post Cards now, as they have been received.


retdairyqueen said...

Post cards look good
Sounds like a great read
Iam missing you
Too much time with your new love?

Jules said...

Well you certainly have been busy birdie - all that reading! It sounds good though and I am pleased that you enjoyed the last book.
Oh how I agree with you about the elephants and other animals on the Racecourse though! I couldn't bring myself to look either and as for your listening to the oh-so-interesting people in the Nursing Home - all those miles from Northampton UK Racecourse - still there (!) - how much better for you to have been there to listen... It makes such a difference and you remember the people too, which is fantastic.
Books are great for linking events and prompting memories. Enjoy...