Thursday, February 24, 2011


to smell the flowers and watching with some horror the unfolding tragedy of the earthquake in Christchurch.

I now have 18 flowers made and another idea for the whole quilt.

Curiously I am reading  The Clockwork Universe
Author: Edward Dolnick

following description  taken from Audible

The Clockwork Universe is the story of a band of men who lived in a world of dirt and disease but pictured a universe that ran like a perfect machine. A meld of history and science, this book is a group portrait of some of the greatest minds who ever lived as they wrestled with natures most sweeping mysteries. The answers they uncovered still hold the key to how we understand the world.At the end of the 17th century, an age of religious wars, plague, and the Great Fire of London when most people saw the world as falling apart, these earliest scientists saw a world of perfect order. They declared that, chaotic as it looked, the universe was in fact as intricate and perfectly regulated as a clock. This was the tail end of Shakespeare's century, when the natural and the supernatural still twined around each other. Disease was a punishment ordained by God, astronomy had not yet broken free from astrology, and the sky was filled with omens. It was a time when little was known and everything was new. These brilliant, ambitious, curious men believed in angels, alchemy, and the devil, and they also believed that the universe followed precise, mathematical laws, a contradiction that tormented them and changed the course of history. The Clockwork Universe is the fascinating and compelling story of the bewildered geniuses of the Royal Society, the men who made the modern world.
Which made me wonder, we often say 'the good ole days'  but I shudder to think of living in the time of The Plague or The Great Fire of London.
We still make mistakes, but when Mother Nature takes over, we have come a long way in Help and Recovery.
My thought for the day .... everyone stay safe and don't stress the little things.


Monique said...

Another two beautiful flowers!

Karen said...

Beautiful flowers Sheila and so very sad about Christchurch, also an interesting read.

Birdie said...

2 lovely floating flowers. The book sounds interesting, something my son would enjoy reading, and I might give it a try.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your hexies flowers are lovely, enjoy your book..

Saskia said...

Love your flowers!

Kate said...

Hi Sheila...Yor hexie flowers are lovely.... I can't wait to see what you have in mind,,,,Sounds as though you are enjoying your books,,,xx Kate xx

AnitaS said...

I love your new hexie flowers. I am curious to know how you would put them together.

Wendy said...

Very creative flowers...and colorful!! I'm curious about your overall design ideas too.