Saturday, February 05, 2011


our house must be like an Ark,   we have had over 100mm of rain since lunchtime.  We haven't any leaks but I know many of my cyberfriends have not been so lucky.  We had a few rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning, but then just rain.  It doesn't bear thinking what the poor folks in the cyclone area have been feeling.


Time for another Quilt Show grab a cuppa and go to

if you like mine please vote.   But there are some lovely ones there.

This is the quilt I entered.

The colours represent Australia and the black bias is the map of Australia as at 1901.   A further State has been add, but I felt my quilt should be 'as was' in 1901

the text quoted below will explain how it came about.   The wonderful Miss fro fro doing the ominous job of swapping the squares.

 In February 2001 I ran a

swap on scquilters in honour of the Centenary of Federation. Over 100 people

swapped 100 6.5" charms (yep, that's right I had over 10,000 charm squares in my

house - all over the living room, hallway, bedroom including the mantlepiece and

the ironing board!) - took me almost a week to swap. It was a wonderful

experience, and the few quilts I've seen in the flesh, and the others I've seen

photo's off are all stunning.

A Great Swap to be innvolved in.    btw the fabric I sent in my squares was the green in the border.


Lindi said...

Looks fabulous, Sheila! Blogger seems to play up on my computer - has for a long time now - and I rarely get to see any photos on blogs, so I'm really glad I got to see this one. :)

AnitaS said...

I like your quilt, so I vote for you.

Jules said...

Very nice again sheila - I just love your quilts, you know that.
Will go take a peek and casts my vote...

Yes, our hearts go out to the poor people affected by cyclone, hurricane and flooding. We call our weather extreeme but it is nothing compared to that.

retdairyqueen said...

We havent had any where near the amount of rain you have had
Love the quilt Off to vote now