Friday, February 18, 2011


My Postie is a really very nice young guy .... but this week I have been laying in wait for him (expecting Post Cards) today he put his motor scooter into top gear and zoomed past me with just a wave of his hand.  Poor fellow think I have him worried.

This afternoon I had a very strange feeling ..... I wanted to strangle an Author .... I thought I had just finished my book Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen and it just wasn't panning out how I expected or liked.
So I did read the Epilogue ........................... and its a wonderful story with just the ending I like, although there was so much heartache along the way.   This is the second book I have read by JK and I definitely will be collecting more. 

So now onto the next book.  This is getting a very bad habit,  The Scot comes in and asks .... where my tea ..... and I thought we had only just finished breakfast !!!

But he has been playing too

Photos aren't very good, as he wouldn't tell me until he had cleaned it up.

The white is foam ..... he said he just pressed the lever and


foam came everywhere.


Jules said...

Oh dear birdie -you do make me laugh at both you and the Scot's antics! Lovely. That is what retirement is all about - doing what you want to do, when you want to - and getting into trouble! Bit like childhood........... ENJOY!

Ali Honey said...

Strangely enough that's what is supposed to happen!
Liked the little engine.