Saturday, February 26, 2011


Have you heard the joke .... How many (choose whatever group of people you like) does it take to change a light globe.

This happened at the end of our driveway

There were two other trucks and four other workers to the left of the photo.

I guess in all fairness to them I should explain ....

The Electricity Suppliers are upgrading all the cables from the houses to the Power Pole.  Victoria is going Smart Meter ......  

We have a big red warning sign by the box on the roof

After they rang the door bell I said oh ... you had better wait whilst we switch off the Solar at the Invertor Box.

The Worker didn't understand and shouted to his boss, the one who was in the 'cherry picker'.  But of course he couldn't hear because of the noise of the engine.

And I think this is where the problem started, Boss yells to the bloke in the truck to cut the engine. 
So after The Scot had sorted out the instructions and switched the solar off, thumbs up were given.

They went about their job, and actually very efficient, they all seemed to have a role to play.

But then The Supervisor err The Scot came rushing in for his camera , apparently they couldn't get the engine started, and The Boss was stuck up in the Cherry Picker, and was proceeding to climb down a rope.

A couple of hours later they did get it going, with help from the other guys that came in the other trucks.
And I must admit they did think it funny, but wouldn't do it,   when I asked the Boss to climb up again so I could take a photo of him climbing down.  

Whilst waiting they did sit and eat their lunch, which was quite conscientious of them.

and they must have thought we were a dotty old pair of pensioners, because they came and said they had finished and wished us a happy day..


Kate said...

Thank you for painting such a great Picture Sheila...I am still laughing...

Jules said...

Ah, what a lovely story lol...
I bet you made their day. The fact they bothered to come and told you they had finished shows good feeling. Ah.... Never a dull moment.

Barn Owl said...

Some people do live exciting lives
Love all your patchwork.

My cuddleyfr you sent has been in constant use this year
Have to share it with His Lordship now It has been so cold since Christmas