Saturday, February 05, 2011


I have been quite busy stitching over the past few weeks, but couldn't show as they were for the two swaps I am in (only two this year), and we are not supposed to show until they arrive.

This year Thea has challenged us to stretch ourselves.   So each Theme I will make a commitment.
This time it was to do the cards entirely on the sewing machine.   No hand stitching and no printing on fabric.
I managed and these are the ones I sent out
Theme Circles and/or Triangles

These for me

from Isabell

A fun one from Thea

These were sent 'naked' through the mail.   ie  without an envelope just stamps and stamped  by the PO.  I will try this next time, but I was worried the feathers for the hair might jamm up the Postal machine so played safe this time.

And the other swap Row x Row
This theme row 'Flowers'   length 40.1/2inches, made for Vivian in the Yukon and we send a label with each row

and this is the row I received from Isabell together with the row made for myself.

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Jules said...

You have been very busy birdie and not at all idle. They are all lovely but the flowers line picture doesn't do it justice here. I know it is very beautiful.

Love the postcards and great to see other ideas.