Sunday, January 30, 2011


 too hot to sit outside, even the sewing room is hot.

The Solar Panels are working well earning us $1.16 an hour

So what better way to spend the day ....

   watching the cricket, with the air conditioner on.  And sew of course.


Vickie said...

oh I hear hot hto-great to see the solar panels are earnign thier keep....I am sick of the hot all the time up here..time for a sth change me thinks,cheers Vickie

AnitaS said...

I can not imagine how hot that is. But sitting in an aurconditioned room must help.

retdairyqueen said...

I hate the heat
Lethargic enough at the moment without the heat

Jules said...

Bit much isn't it? We complain about our cold but at least we can warm up with clothing layers, heating, hot drinks, food and work!

Humidity... a def no no....

Take care,

Elaine Adair said...

Wish we could even out our temps - we (in western USA) are at minus 3, with wind at 35 mph, and snowing. I have to make my 1 hour drive to the big town - it will take me 2 hours at least, this time, and I'm hoping for no ice.

I'd rather entertain the thought of staying home and sewing.

Kate said...

Oh Yes has been sooooo HOT...I had to work today and it was just awful 40.2C it reached
...Couldn't wait to get home..Cooler over the next few days,,(I hope)
Hope you are enjoying your Kindle..?
xx Kate xx