Tuesday, January 25, 2011


and not a lot gets done. 

My Flower Row for my RxR just has 3 leaves left to stitch.   Oh what a row.    Talk about measure twice cut once, but when ones head is not tuned into mathematics.   oh dear me.    But its almost finished and I have enjoyed stitching it, apart from the unpicking, and I think it looks good.   Photo will follow when my partner has received it.

and the big news, I now have a Kindle.  But more importantly I can almost use it.

I did a lot of searching into which device to get (it was a birthday/Christmas present) and finally decided on the Kindle.   But then when I tried the text to speech.   Oh no it was terrible.
But I have to say the Customer Service is excellent.    I can now download (buy) ebooks which of course talk to me.  So sewing and being read to.

Here are a few photos (no1 Son wants to know what its like .... he did buy me as a Gift The Stephen Fry Chronicles for it)

But tomorrow its the Cricket, and the last couple of games have been very exciting.  It nice that we are winning some games after our drastic loss of the Ashes.


Jules said...

Ah - nice to see you back, now realise what you have been up to! lol
Hope the cricket is enjoyable - not in the winning really but in the overall game yeah?
Reading Kindle gadget looks neat - pleased you are getting the hang of it.
So - morning here - discount my last email, came here after it was sent, but still hope Sarah is safe and clear of floods. Jules. xx

Sally Westcott said...

Hello again! I've missed you!

I gave me a Kindle for Christmas - I love it! I'm being boring and reading Harry Potter again - when I fall asleep at night it doesn't break my nose.

I must admit I'm a bit more involved in the cricket now. The Tests were dismal.

Enjoy tomorrow - I will.

Hugz to you and The Scot!

AnitaS said...

What a beautiful present it is. Enjoy the play.

Barn Owl said...

clever girl sorry about the silence this end but things not to good at moment, Eileen is very much imobolised and I am struggling but we are trusting for better days to come there bis no other reason for lack of news etc but just the struggle of life at this time well done at the cricket The poms

Molly said...

Birdy, You are leaving us all in the dirt with your hi-tech talents! Here's a winner for you---"The Story of Edgar Sawtelle."