Monday, January 10, 2011


Sometimes, and usually when one doesn't really expect them .... Nice Things Happen.

A dear friend Sooziii  has given me an award.

Wylde Women Award

I was quite taken back with it, and really don't think I deserve it. 
But I taught my three Offspring that you never argue about a gift .... you smile and say thank you with all your heart.   Because Someone has thought to give you something.

So Sooziii, I am quite undeserving, a tad embarrassed, and really quite chuffed,   thank you and may we enjoy many many more years of friendship, and who knows, one day we may meet in person.

And by the by.   The reason I first met Sooziii ... was on 'squilters' an on line quilting group.  I sent her a message in reply to an email she had sent to 'the List'  and the rest they say is history.

we openly and honestly say what we think, and often what is in our hearts, and somehow it just seems better.


Jules said...

What a special gift Birdy. And doesn't it gladden the heart when something like that happens?! :-D

pegsplace said...

I heatily agree with your reward. You brighten the days of many of us younger folk and teach us new things as well as teach us to do things our own way! I also think that you live your life fully with generosity and joy. I can see all this through your blog posts and emails AND snailmails! Kudos to you. What are you listening to now?


Sooziii said...

And this is what I wrote on the site of the woman who started this award years ago ....
I have posted your award to a wonderful lady who has been my strength for the past 4 or 5 years. We have never met but she has ‘held’ my hand so many times. She supported me through my husband’s death and through the horrid months after.
She has been there for me in the dark hours when I thought I was lost; she is filled with wisdom and love and I wanted to just say ‘thanks Birdie’.

Molly said...

Yes! Very richly deserved. We all need encouragement in life and you are certainly an Encourager! Having a friend can make such a difference, as Soozii's comment proves. You go girl, as they say over here!

tammy vitale said...

Welcome to the sisterhood! So glad to have you! and thanks for passing it along!