Sunday, January 16, 2011


What a week but I can't complain about the  weather in Mulgrave as we all are thinking of the people in Queensland and Victoria where the rain is taking command.  Fortunately I live in an area where we seem to be forgotten (thankfully) by the extremities of the weather.  Strangely enough we are also called The Forgotten Area of the Council but that's another story.

Back to the weather, we did record 107 mm of rain last week and 75mm of that fell in the 24 hours of Thursday/Friday.   The humidity has been horrible tho.  I wear glasses for the computer and they have been steaming up, also the lens of the camera.

All the water tanks are full, and the garden is sodden. 

Well was as today is sunny and one of those days I boast about.

The Princess (youngest daughter) is in northern Victoria and I have been concerned about her.  The Scot calls me an Old Mother Hen.   But I spoke to her yesterday and she says they are fine.   The paddocks are flooded,  the horses have very muddy feet, the Henty Highway is not closed.   But they only can use the 4 wheel drive vehicle to drive down their driveway(long).  She is still travelling to work, but I am watching the News updates very closely.    I know, I know she is nearly 40 but she is still my little girl. :)

We still like sitting on the patio but its almost like an airport here, the mossies are in abundance and they do seem to like The Scot.   So last week I bought him this.

Watch out mosquitoes .... Citronella is on the warpath.


Ali Honey said...

So glsd to hear you are not one of the flooded ones. It all looks horrendous.

Cheryl said...

I too was wondering if you and the Scott was ok ,I am so glad you are, but terribly sad about the ones that did get it .

AnitaS said...

I am very glad to hear yo and yor family are ok. It is so sad for all the people to loose their homes.

Jules said...

Like you we count our blessings that you have escaped by and large, the wettest of the weather- Sarah too, but even so the conditions are far from uplifting. Your garden looks so pretty - glad you can at least use your patio. We too use Citronela if needed by the pond in the summer - if we get any summer that is! Bit hit and miss in UK. Take care - hope the sun shines for you soon. x

pegsplace said...

Oh I was wondering about your situation. Lots of positive vibes for your daughter and that things don't worsen for her. Mossies....I like that name for mosquitos. I wonder if they are bigger there than here :). Weather here is COLD today :( but was pretty balmy yesterday ;) -12 with no wind. It is the no-wind part that makes it balmy.

I'm just finishing up my darn Christmas quilt, well putting on all the borders. I think of you when I do Christmas things when it is not Christmas.


Elaine Adair said...

I'm stopping by to say "Hello"! "Ugh", all that humidity, but you probably say "Ugh" to all our snow! 8-)) Stay cool. 8-))

SoulDragon said...

Hello there "found" you via Molly's site - we're all worrying! Must be in our hormones or summat after turning 50. Don't you find we ruminate a lot more, fill in gaps needlessly, and, yes, I agree, ALWAYS worry about our children, whatever age!

I moved to Ballarat to escape humidity - loving it!

Stop by my blog to hear from you.

Molly said...

Thanks for the lovely award Birdy! Don't be hurt though if you don't see the badge on my blog....I never have figured out those widget thingys....I can be an undercover Wylde Woman!

It doesn't seem that long ago that we were reading about how you all had to use dish and bath water to water your gardens! Which goes to prove that if you wait long enough everything eventually changes. Hoping things look up soon for all those displaced by your awful floods. Glad to hear that you and yours at least are safe!