Monday, January 10, 2011


The weather is not inducive to work at the moment.  Either in the garden or in the sewing room.   Housework.... whats that?

It seems to be cool in the morning, then suddenly its very humid and by mid afternoon I wonder what have I spent the day doing.

I have been sewing a little, watched the Cricket ... well done Brits ...  things just didn't go the Aussies way, still We will be back you can be sure of that.

I have been watching 'Harry Potter' Movies that The Scot taped for me.   I really enjoy these whilst sewing.  So maybe time isn't wasted.

This is what I have been doing


The latter is giving me a few head aches but I am getting there.

The Scot is keeping himself busy with his new Ipod.  I think he was a little 'green with envy when I was walking listening to my MP3 player, and then when I started to download books .... well he wasn't going to be beaten on that one.    So he is now struggling with Itunes, I think he must be 'laundering' his music it seems to go on and off his ipod at an alarming rate.

I have just told him .... that he is not to touch my Kindle when it arrives.   This is my birthday/Christmas present and I have already started a wishlist at Amazon.  I bet he asks to have a loan of it.


Fiesta said...

Your project looks very nice Sheila. Did you get any of that bad flooding?

Sarah said...

Our summers are the same-hot humid and listless. But today it is snowing!

Jules said...

Nice occupation and good excuse! Glad you can teach the Scot a trick or two! lol