Sunday, December 05, 2010


Firstly, I am not talking cricket ..... well for this test anyway ......  every time I check the score my heart drops and I think of all those Brits.   jumping up and down with glee.   For them to give us a thrashing..... oh it doesn't bear thinking about.

Now for a little light relief... this is to help my Northern Hemisphere Readers feel a little warmer..   This was taken at approximately 6.00 pm last night.

It was a beautiful day yesterday.  I was up very early and out in the garden before The Scot had woken.

But there was a lot to do.
This is the fish pond area.   From the Dragon Fountain I had removed the pebbles. emptied the container, which was buried underneath, cleaned it out, refilled, washed the pepples and then left it running (and I think I left it too long, as it won't work now, but I will try to fix it before telling The Scot).
He had cleaned the filter in the fishpond.   I pruned and weeded and moved a couple of plants (just can't help myself)

Then onto the other seedbed facing the kitchen window.  The yellow flowers on the climber last for most of the summer, and these are my lilies.    Originally bought as Christmas lilies (the label said they would flower for Christmas Day.  The first year they did, then for the past 3 years they have flowered mid November.   But it must be all the rain we have had, because the buds are only just forming.   I think they might make Christmas Day.   They look wonderful when in flower, but unfortunately don't last very long.

Just a quick peek at the two patios and garden.  The Christmas Things have been added.  We spend many hours on these two patios.

I think I must have spent 9 hours outside.   But I must confess I did lay on the swing seat sleeping listening to my talking books in the afternoon.

Because I had worked so hard The Scot thought he needed a cold drink and to relax.

Now, I must show you this.   Since retirement The Scot has taken over the mowing of the lawns, well grass really.    But he has this aversion to doing the edges.   Unfortunately that's one of the things I really like done.  Well the last half dozen times I had rushed out and done them.

But just look what he did last time.  I trained him well.   lol   as the Check Out Chick at the Supermarket tells me,   he loads the groceries in their special order to make it easier for packing.

and so ends another Perfect Day in Aus.


Jules said...

REALLY LOVELY! Well done Birdy!

Heat - well lets just say - cold is not too bad,,,,,, lol.

In Australia at the moment = "I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here" Awful but compelling!

Sooziii said...

By the look of them the lilies are November Lilies - my mum had them in her wedding bouquet ... she was married on her birthday Nov 27.
You are such a good girl - me well I did mow the nature strip today .... rotfl .... before the next lot of rain.

Elaine Adair said...

The "check-out chick"? LOL

Your gardens look so inviting and well-loved. Gosh, How I would LOVE to be sitting outside in the lawn chair. NOT here in central USA! We'er sitting in front of the fireplace, with a quilt over our laps!

Merry Christmas!

AnitaS said...

I love your garden. It is so nice to see something green and not white of snow. I love to sit in your deckchair.

pegsplace said...

Just came in from a wintery walyk! Your gardens are so lovely! I really like your post at the bottom of the drive. Is it a post box?

Perfect Australian Summer day and a perfect Canadian Winter day!

What is the Scot sipping away at?


Julie Fukuda said...

Thanks for the warm temperature reading. It was 4c in my third floor room when I woke this morning. The house and garden are just lovely!

Getta said...

Hi :)
it's always pleasing to stop here :)
in Venice we're almost freezing! it's been raining for 3 weeks now and it doesn't seem to stop...we've also had some troubles because of rivers overflowing and lots of people had to leave their houses (luckily not me), so 30 degrees don't seem that bad right now :)

P.S. your house looks really cute and peaceful!