Monday, December 13, 2010


some actual sewing.  Having already apologised to the Ladies for being late I finished my Post Cards for November theme Crazy Patch today.  They are a lovely international group of 6 who don't mind late, provided we keep in touch.   so they have forgiven me :)

and these are the ones I have received.

We really have improved, and I am learning so much from these generous ladies.

And making me even more righteous, I have finished 3 token gifts which are for my three sisters in the UK.  Two have already been mailed and the third was finished last night.  I can't show because I know they all read my blog.

This year Christmas just seems to have jumped  out at me from in the cupboard.  The Santas were frantically knocking, but they are all set out now enjoying the Season.

A Candlemat to stitch for Middle Son's wife to put with a candle.  And a wall hanging for No1 Son.  The Princess I am still not sure about.  She is like her Father .... impossible to make/buy gifts for.

I have a row of flowers to make for the RXR swap.  And the of course the 11 T towels to embroider by the end of December.   But at last I feel I am almost there.

and just to remind you

its only



Fiesta said...

These look great Sheila. You know I love crazy quilting.

Barn Owl said...

Every thing great as uaual.
Santa says keep up th good work.
He will call on you CHRISTMAS MORNING
Love & Hugs Eily & Phily

Jules said...

They are great birdy! All of them most unusual and interesting.

You do a great deal of stitching for other people - lovely, all of it.

Soon be your BIRTHDAY...........

AnitaS said...

Your cards are looking good.I hope your DIL likes her candlemat as much as I do. I love it every minute.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love all the post cards, such a fun idea....sounds like you still have lots more to do....

Elaine Adair said...

HOpe you and DH have a lovely Christmas/holiday season. Wow, you are all warm and balmy and we're all cold and blustery, and snowy!

So good to see the photos of you both. 8-)

Sarah said...

Very cheerful holiday postcards!

13 more sleeps is no biggie now. I only have to finish one scarf and I'm close to halfway through :)

pegsplace said...

I love your postcards. I'm glad that you got your Santas out. My tree is up but not too many decorations. Hmmm....what to make for the Princess. I also have this problem for someone on my list.

Take care