Tuesday, December 21, 2010


For a Christmas Fanatic who starts the count down mid July .....  this year I am totally unprepared.  I just don't know where I have wasted my time.
But we are getting there.  The decorations have been up since the first day of December,

Don't tell The Scot but there are a few extra Santa lurking here and there.  when I manage to go shopping and haunt The Christmas shops on my own.

So welcome to no 21 for the Festive Season.  Come in have a cuppa and bite to eat, and please enjoy the decorations.

After you ring the bell and get a happy tune (there are 14 different ones, some terrible but not to worry you can keep pressing until you get a nice one)  You can look over the small wooden fence and these are my Aggies outside the sewing room and the bedroom.

As I open the door, you can see my Christmas Bullseye Quilt straight ahead. 

On the left, a Candlewick wreath I made many moons ago.

and a log cabin wallhanging, made by one of my students also many moons ago.   She has gone onto bigger and better quilting.   She now helps in a large online quilt shop Always quilting.   Thanks Heather it was a pleasure teaching you and its so good to know you are doing so well.

On the right my Aussie Christmas.   This was a pattern by Tina Leach in an Australian Quilting magazine,  I thought I would make it in colours reflecting Australia.  My usual colours are red green and white as I was born in the Northern Hemisphere so this is to reflect the harsh country I now live in.  Although at the moment it is very green and lush and very wet.

Then to the left looking into the lounge.  You will see I managed get the baubles hung much easier this year. 
The large stocking is mine, the smaller one for The Scot.  umm well that's how it is supposed to be,

and my Nativity Set.   This was purchased the year The Scot was so ill.  And he actually encouraged me to go look in The Christmas Shops, whilst he slept.  Probably so that I would be out of his way. 

A favourite, this Santa was made many many moons ago. 

Albert gets a bit of festivity too. 

Oh did I mention the baubles got hung.   With help from the Scot, but he hates that they are all different lengths.  I hid the tape measure

 the Tree.   Somehow it used to be The Scots job to put the lights on, but one year he got so frustrated that he stormed out and I had to do it.   Big mistake ...... its always my job now. 

Dave, Sam and Gert decorate the TV stand, 

This was received in a swap in the early 1990's.  Another favourite. 

Moving on, looking into the dining room 

This Angel wallhanging was another gift from Heater (mentioned above) this has the year 1999 on it.   Thanks again Heather.

More 'bling' in the dining room.   Measured by me of course. 

These are the favourites Upper Class Santa Group.   A couple of new ones this year.

These are the Rebel Santa Group living on the wrong side of town.  With the Christmas mugs on the top shelf. 

Now we have the guys I just can't resist.  Does anyone else go around the Toy Shop and try out all the songs and actions. 

One of my very first Quilting pieces.   Probably about 30 years old now.

 The Bright Sparks .... the Scot insisted I buy these one year when I was very sick.   And he changed the length and hung them for me.   ummmm note to self must be sick more often.

And my quilt, needed to get this valued as it appeared in a book Anjiis Angles.   The value quite made the Scot think ummmm  she plays quite well in that sewing room.

Hungry?   have a nibble.   As there are only two of us nowadays we do Christmas Fare on the smaller side.  These are mini Pud/Cakes, try one whilst I pop the kettle on.

All refreshed?

Onto the hallway.   As seen from the toilet, if you leave the door open. 

On the other side opposite the bedroom door.   This quilt is also very old.   One of the first ones stitched.

And the bedroom.    The..... 'I had to have a Christmas Quilt' for the bed.  And Christmas Dresdens on the wall.   They were made and swapped also quite a few years ago. 

My Country Angel Choir.   A little faded but the song is still sweet.

Seasons Greetings to All My Readers
from aubirdwoman
the ever patient Scot


retdairyqueen said...

Oh Your house is lovely with all the Christmassy things
I love it

Iceni UK said...

OH my, oh my, how wonderful. Like going on a magical Christmas journey.
Absolutely marvelous, thank you Sheila for the adventure.

All love to you and your wonderful Scot. Wishing you both peace and happiness throughout the festive season and the New Year.

AnitaS said...

Thank your for the lovely tour around you house. I love everything, but most off all your dining room. It is so lovely. Have a very nice christmas and enjoy it.

ozjane said...

Love that candlewick wreath.....I failed in the wreath area this year...have makings but not made.

I think you and Cat's Mum have a lot to answer for around my place.
And only a couple of weeks till pack up time. My tolerance has trouble extending much past Christmas Day.
But all will be clean and polished and I decided I may even put things back in a different spot this year.
Radical thinking.

Cheryl said...

Oh My Gosh ! Your house is so pretty with all the christmas quilts ! I really love the colorful one as you come out of the bathroom ,I want to make one like that some day .
You have a Merry Christmas !! You sure do have the spirt in you !

Jules said...

So beautiful...... Really lovely work by yourself and others. I can't comment on all I really like but there are some beauties there.
I enjoyed the approach and peep over the little fence - the tune of the bell and santas on the welcome mat set the scene.
Yummy little plum puddings - cute or what?!
So much detail to take in - could you send me the pictures please? Picasa if possible.
Thank you for the tour - lovely. x

Banaghaisge said...

That all looks gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing with me!
Hugs and best wishes for a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2011! XXXX

aykayem said...

ooooh pretty!

you might have to e-mail me a pudding - couldn't seem to get one out of the blog photo - lol

btw - that glass tree shaped plate looks just like one I got, for a dollar, from the Salvos store the other week! ... was going to use it for a secret santa thing, but I used something else instead ... which is fine because I like it enough to want to keep it ;-)

Sarah said...

You really have the holiday spirit! I was down to the wire, but I finished the last handmade gift about 3 hours before the first of two family dinners today.

so now there are 365 more sleeps :)

pegsplace said...

Oh Merry Christmas Sheila! I really appreciated your Christmas tour! I am just taking a break, from cooking, last minute cleaning before teh in-laws arrive and decided to have a tea and visit you. So lovely! You do Christmas so well. I hope that you enjoy your day with the Scot!