Friday, November 12, 2010


 The last few days I have been on P.E.I. or Prince Edward Island.

Today I travelled there via the heat over 30 degrees and the swing seat in the garden.

Those of you who understand will know when I say I am sure I would have been 'of The House of

I really must get a Kindle.


phil the pom said...

Hi there I am surmising that you meant you have been dreaming ?? we have no idea where prince Edward I sland is presume somewher of your coastline?? we often do things in our dreams so it isnt just an Aussie
thing. or is it where your cricketers are?? getting a few ideas how to try and beat the poms, no chance there whatever is a KINDLE ??!! mystified will be writing a longer mail tou you both next week Phil the POM.

Jules said...

Cracked it! Haha - Anne of Green Gables! PEI Yes! Kindle - a story reading devise!

errr....... House of Joseph - has to be a story reference...???

Lindi said...

as soon as you said PEI, I thought of Anne! Loved/love all those books.
I'm lucky, I can download books to my Samsung Galaxy S phone and read them. It's one of the apps. :)