Monday, November 08, 2010


I am definitely behind the 8 ball this year.  I have only just realised that it is

YES                            FORTY SIX MORE SLEEPS

ideas have been storing up in my head but not much action happening.

So today I thought I better get a few loose ends tied up before I start really thinking about the big night Christmas Eve,  even tho it is very quiet with just the two of us.

A covered journal ready to mail to Uk for a young girl recovering from a fall.

Its time again for the PostCard Swap.  I have had great trouble with this one.   It should have been easy for me loving patchwork as I do,  but  no, I have struggled.  Today must have been "Inspiration Day".   I did take everything out to the swing seat, fully intending to get well under away .....   but I fell asleep.  Oh it was so sunny and warm, and I have been working hard at a mini spring clean (all of my cleans are mini nowadays), the past few days. 

The Scot came to sit too but he has what we call a 'banana lounge seat', if truth were told he fell asleep for a while but he has some new gadgets to play with.   A camcorder and an Ipod. 


he still can't use them      roflo.  

Still it keeps him quiet.  Reading the Instructions word for word.


Jules said...

You have been busy in many ways birdy. Clean house, clean hubby, left to snooze and play - can't be bad lol.

The journal looks very pretty and I am sure will be delightedly received by the lucky lass.

As for Christmas - well yes, some thoughts but that is all! roflo

Very dark, wet, windy and cold here - think I will go back to bed! Hibernation is very sensible methinks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sooziii said...

Oh dear! I have an ipod - got it earlier this year and I haven't opened the manual/instruction sheet....bad girl!!
Let's face who read the instructions? The only time you do is when something goes wrong and you can't figure out what ... rotfl.
I think he just uses that as an excuse to have a snooze.