Wednesday, November 03, 2010


since my last post which was about 10 days ago. But I haven't been idle.

In between appointments, an emergency department visit,  walking and eating wisely I have managed to finish the quilt for a relative in the UK.   this is for a young girl with learning difficulties.  When I sent her Grandmother a stitchery quilt for her birthday.   T was there when it was opened and loved it and traced her fingers over the stitcheries.  So when I was told, of course she had to have one.   She doesn't know yet.

and a special label

She has an older sister, and it felt a bit mean not to send her anything, so after agonising for over a week.   Today I made her a journal and I have an Australian design pen and keyring to send with it.

We have had a lot of rain last week but just before we managed to get the lawns cut.  Notice the lovely neat edges by the driveway and the pathway.   Now The Scot cuts the lawn but he doesn't like trimming the edges.  Me .. I hate to see them untrimmed so out I went with the spade and managed so far.   I will gradually work my way round the nature strip and then the backyard path.   But it does look so much nicer.

The rain does wonders for the garden.   And we now have officially broken The Drought.  The dams are 50% full. 

 During a break in the storm I managed to take this shot of one of my favourite shrubs.   The native birds also love this one too.

I also visited my favourite hardware/nursery store Bunnings and purchased a few more plants.   I didn't take The Scot with me as he always says.    Oh you don't need that many,   have a smaller one  its cheaper,  where you going to plant it etc. etc.    This time I just bought what I wanted.

These are Calibrachoa.   They love the hot sun and should do well in the heat of the summer.  3 different colours and ground creepers.

A trailing ground creeper for the patio

This is one of the shrubs purchased when we moved the hedge.  Its looking great now and I have even seen the native birds feeding from it.

 The Scot consoled himself in his Playshop whilst I went spending the money.

The side garden

and of course my beloved patio.


phil the pom said...

Hi there you two, love the garden views they are a treat to look at as is your garden, very commendable,, cant say the picture of "the scots" play room did much for me, to much like a reminder of work days, yuck!! dont want them basck love my free time to much for that, I note our lads have arrived , I reckon they will be a wee bit to good for your boys up the poms bring them ashes home where they belong whowie. love The POMS

Sarah said...

That shrub with the big pink flowers is amazing! I love seeing y'all's tropical flora.

Ali Honey said...

Very neat and tidy! Get the Scot to make you a tool for cutting the edges. A disk that can be sharpened on a round handle like a spade and weld on a foot push down. You push it in with your foot and the sharp disk rolls forward cutting a neat edge.( still quite hard work! though )That really sets a neat lawn off to advantage!
We need some rain now please.

retdairyqueen said...

Garden looks great
I was just thinking of you and was wondering where you were

Jules said...

Hello! Just back so thought I would catch up with blogs etc. Tilly is going to be really, really enthralled with that beautiful quilt - great thoughtfulness has gone into that on your part and much appreciation will greet it. Also the lovely journal etc! You are one very kind lady Birdy.
The garden is amazing! What a difference the edging has made too. The bottle brush - as we call those plants - is looking good too and obviously meets with the birds approval. Patio very inviting..........