Thursday, November 04, 2010


and also rather scary.

I usually take my walk in the morning.   The idea is that I walk for 30minutes.  The route used to vary but I have decided that I can pace myself and hopefully improve by going the same way.   So hence I walk to a fixed point, turn and walk home.  I have the talking books in my ears (Anne of Avalon at the moment)

This morning on the return route, about half a mile from home, looking down the road it seemed to be misting or getting foggy.   Put the glasses on but couldn't make much difference.  So continued walking, until the top of the Crescent where I live and the fog was looking more like smoke.  We definitely live in a crescent shaped crescent and we live just around the first curve.  The smoke seemed to be coming from around the curve.

Walking faster it was getting thicker .....  panic   panic    as I neared the corner, smoke was bellowing forth from ..... near our house.    Now almost running I stopped

the house next to ours was on fire.  It was horrible, it looked like the front rooms of the house were full of flames, then the windows starting breaking.

The fire trucks duly arrived and these are photos I have taken. 

It is a Housing Commission House, the young girl and her two sons who lived there have been the best tenants we have seen since it was sold by the first owners.   We have seen   drugs,  guns,  bulldogs, Police, heard argumements galore.   So it is very sad that this has happened, I do hope she gets to come back when it is rebuilt.

In the meantime this is what we have outside.  Emergency crews are definitely up to date nowadays.


retdairyqueen said...

Oh Dear

phil the pom said...

Hi there what a shock you must have had, I could feel your panic from here, thankfully bricks and mortar can be replaced, people cannot, you must have experienced a wobbly as you ended your walk. take care, love the Poms. ps love the dunny is it a permanant feature, handy for an emergency.

Jules said...

Oh the poor people! It must have been a dreadful shock for you too. Are the family who live there alright do you know? So sad when people lose all their posessions, photo's etc but their lives are of course more important.

Oh, it doesn't bear thinking about does it? So sorry.

Sarah said...

What a shock! I hope the people who lived there are alright and that they can come back.

pegsplace said...

Wow! What an experience! Too close for comfort! I think that it is neat that you are walking and listening to books. Anne of that Green Gables? I love that "monument" at the foot of your drive. Is it new?

Oh, and the quilt is your last blog post is wonderful. You are so creative. I just can't seem to get into my sewing room but am going to a workshop tomorrow (if I didn't sign up for a workshop, I wouldn't be stitching).