Tuesday, November 30, 2010


this is why The Scot rolls his eyes and mutters things under his breath.

Before putting up the Christmas things, I like to have a good clean.   Quilts already hanging have to be aired on the clothesline (it was a beautiful sunny windy day), and the Christmas Quilts sorted.

 The Scot helped with the big job.  He reckons Housework is my job.   But I told him.  He chose the light coloured carpet, so it was his job to clean it.  I did inform him at the beginning of November and said I wouldn't mention it again until December, but if he didn't do it.   Then I would nag nag nag.   And as I don't usually nag he didn't think he could bare it.

We hired the carpet cleaner for four hours.  And I must say he did make a good job of it.  

Tomorrow the fun starts.   The tree goes up, the Santas get to see the light of day and the quilts go on the wall.

But for tonight this is it.



Fiesta said...

Sheila, I am looking forward to seeing it. My daughter borrowed the runner you made me. I still have not gotten in the spirit but I hope too soon.

Jules said...

26 sleeps for us! You have a birthday first young lady! Nice that you have lots of your favourite quilts and santas there for that though.

What a lovely clean house - we have threatened our carpets for the last twelve months but really will have to carry it out.
Well done the Scot.... :D