Saturday, November 27, 2010


What better way to spend a wet Saturday than

 watching the cricket and getting the Crazy Patch Postcards finished for November.

The Brits played well but we were The Champions.  Brad Haddin our wicket keeper come batsman and Mr Cricket, Hussey,  were absolutely brilliant.  Poor Anderson from the opposition - it just wasn't his day.  Everything that could went wrong, probably even those things that couldn't did.   But we look well on track for winning The Ashes.

The Ashes is a Test cricket series played between England and Australia. It is international cricket's most celebrated rivalry and dates back to 1882. It is currently played biennially, alternately in the United Kingdom and Australia.  

This is what I have stitched.    Bad photo on purpose as I am not supposed to show until they have been received.  There are five of them.

Tomorrow is Day 3 so more hand stitching is ready and it promises to be an exciting day.


Jules said...

Well - sorry our lads were not up to scratch, hope they gave a good game though. Better watch out tomorrow - we have a knack of slipping in there with the odd surprise! Will watch this space!

Stitching looks interesting. ;-D

Jules said...

errrr........... famous last words? We are equal yeah?... ;D

pegsplace said...

Cricket! My men are in full football mode here. I cannot imagine my life if they took up to watching this sport! :). It is neat that you have planned out your handstitching! Nice postcards!