Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yes I have one hanging with other lovely quilts  in the Weekly Themed Contest.

This week it is Pets  - you can see them at

this is my quilt  called  'Pete'

It is a better colour as this was taken outside.

I had three lovely cats.  One ginger, one coal black and her son black and white.
They were all obtained by me by default via the two younger kids leaving home. 
No1 Son really missed them when he left home for new horizons.   So I made him this wallhanging.
It was made in Australia and has adorned the wall in New Zealand and Taiwan.

I named it Pete after the stray cat he adopted, or rather the cat adopted him, in New Zealand.

All three cats are no longer with me after 19+ years.


Jules said...

Isn't he lovely!?! Go vote..

Myra said...

Pete is great! Lovely little wall-quilt!! 8-)

Barn Owl said...

Lovley quilt as usual.
Have been to vote.