Saturday, October 02, 2010


Spring is here with a flourish.  Today was beautiful.
Firstly we had a bit of Spring Cleaning

Then we had to practice for Halloween

Whilst the Scot was playing "Silly Billies" I was working hard.  Quite a bit of pruning was needed on the North Side Hedge.

And I was amazed to find this bush actually in flower.  I didn't think it had a flower but was just a 'showy green bush'

More buds just waiting, this is a most gorgeous Purple/Pink colour.

On of the Native Birds favourites

This one gets better each year.

Sadly the daffodils are finished but hopefully they will multiply for next Spring.

more to do but at least its a start.


Angie said...

Ah Sheila, isn't it such a lovely gift when you find something blooming that you have no clue that it would! All of your shrubs in bloom are beautiful! Your quilts in your previous post (your stitchery and hexies) are gorgeous!

Jules said...

All 'Springing' beautifully! Don't let the roof cleaner spring off the roof though - others have tried and it doesn't work without a parachute and soft landing!
If however The Scot is determined to fly - please make him a cape and pointy hat, that way at least he will look the part!
But - stick to growing pumpkins Scotty, it is safer! Lol.