Sunday, October 17, 2010


Summer Weather indeed.....

This photo is especially for my Canadian Friend Peggy who left a comment on my last post.

taken on Thursday (sorry about the date on the photo but forgot to reset the date when changing the batteries)

I had just finished some gardening, and was using up some of the 'stuff' No1 Son had insisted on giving me when he sold his home to relocate overseas.   I had fed and weeded the lawn.  Not that we shall see much difference.

There has been 54 mm of rain last week.  I don't think we are in 'The Drought' now.

Today is fine so far, but clouds are threatening, so I should really go for my walk.

This month seems to have crept up on me, and I have a few deadlines to fulfill.  So I have been restricting my time on the computer.

I am a member of the Robin Rowers.   We are a group of 8 sewing ladies from around the world.   And we communicate via Flickr  and we are making a quilt.   We each do our own first row and then every two months we do a row for one of the other ladies, on a prearranged theme.  The result being a quilt, and we keep our own.   I will keep you post of the progress.  But you can see photos @  if you click on the individual photos they will enlarge.
As you can see the other ladies are very talented.

And I seem to have this hexagon addiction.   These are my flowers for the Garden Party.

The individual flowers are not joined, as yet, but I think this is how the plan will go.

The Scot doesn't like the odd sizes between the flowers, and thinks I should put hexagons.

But I like it this way, so I think I may keep it.   And he never grumbles so long as the quilt keeps him warm.


Jules said...

Well I think they are all lovely - your 'runner' line is very nice, reminds me of Victorian tiles still seen in some houses and much sought after these days.

The rain should set up up for good growth in the garden - looking good. :-)

Anonymous said...

:). Thanks for the rainy update. It is continuously raining here too! Almost everyday. I just looked at the forecast and I think that we will see the sun twice between now and next Sunday :(. And it is cold here....well...not winter cold and yes, I am whining!

I love the row quilting! I love your diamonds! I love the creativity of the rows, with the names and maps and flowers. I'm not sure that I understand the whole concept. Do you keep your row? Send it?

Going to cut some backing carefully. :)

Sarah said...

We haven't had any decent rain since maybe July? Please send any leftover up here!

phil the pom said...

your work as ever both outside and in looks great, unlike you we are having a dry spell ere the winter storms begin, methinks we shall soon get but hopefully quite a few good days (weeks) before the real cold comes take care only 68 days to the BIG one keep on keeping on Love PtP