Friday, October 22, 2010


Yes once again I am craving my '5 minutes of fame'
I have entered my quilt in the Quilting Bloggers Weekly Themed Contest.

My Quilt called "Hexagon' brilliant name isn't it :) was paper pieced in a class with a wonderful teacher Leesa Seigal.  I struggled.  My brain doesn't quite accepted this paperpiecing method - must be the numbers or something.   But I finished it.   And I can now paper piece.   This method does give excellent points and joins, and I still use it, but I have to admit it does waste fabric a bit.

Still this is Hexagon

machine pieced and quilted by myself.

the fabrics were hand dyed by 'Sionwynlee'  visit her blog @

Now do you believe in Coincidences.   Well I met this lady in a past life many moons ago when I ran a Chat Group with Squilters, on a Friday evening..  We chatted about everything even patchwork sometimes lol.  It was a great time.   And I made many cyberfriends who helped me tremendously when I was first using the Internet.

Of course we move in different cycles in our lives.   and lost touch.
But when I entered the quilt I wanted to mention that the fabrics were purchased from sionwyn.  But couldn't find any reference to offer.   And would you believe it, that very day she wrote an email to the squilters list.  So I was able to make contact again.  Do visit her.  A very clever and remarkable lady.

Weekly Themed Quilt ContestsOh and don't forget to go visit the Quilt Show at
Make a cuppa look at the lovely quilts and hopefully vote for mine.    evbg.


phil the pom said...

Hi there the silence is thundering from your end ??!! but admire your quilting without really understanding it all but like life one doesn't have to understand it to love it great stuff , IAM AWAY TO A QUIET W/END RETREAT TODAY quite nearby just in case Eilly needs me TILL SUNDAY. LOOKING FORWARD IMMENobelphorSLY TO THE SOLITUDE ETC TATTY BYE K.O.K.O

retdairyqueen said...

love the quilt
I voted

Fiesta said...

stunning quilt Sheila. I am off to vote.

Barn Owl said...

Love your quilt.
also going to Vote.

Jules said...

I went - I voted - but still gives same number - lovely work.

Your fabric is lovely, most unusual with all the depth tie dying gives.

Iceni UK said...

Sheila, my vote is in.
You quilt is fabulous. I love the swirling colours.
Good Luck

Banaghaisge said...

AH, Sheila, you have been so busy!!!!! I have just read back for a month or two, lots of creativity here! Love your clamshells. And the hexagons, and your garden and...and...and...!
(PS I am back in Blogland!). xxxxx

sion said...

hey, thanks for the link and the beat-up :) Did you get my email? I see you've been visiting me on ebay too! lol

Kate said...

Love your quilt Shiela...good luck
x Kate x