Tuesday, September 07, 2010


In keeping with my 'Process Pledge'  to show projects in the process, not just the nicely finished objects.
This is T's Quilt up to this morning.   I still have some embroidery to finish.   But I need to tidy up the sewing table so decided to get the borders stitched.  

It will be a cuddle quilt approx 43inches square, and I thought some machine fancy quilting, with a thread that will show could be done on the border between the stitching and the outer border.   btw that will be in the bone colour, the same as the backgrounds.

And moving on to the Garden Process Pledge.   This is the Mystery Plant, that seems to be doing rather well this year.

and this is what has enticed me outside for a couple of hours (two cold for longer).


retdairyqueen said...

Your clivias are lovely

Getta said...

Sheila....that's lovely!! I can't stop watching it...actually I think among your works that's the one I like best...I love the hearts, the colors, the stitchery!!
P.S. you're right, I should write my posts in English again, I know google translator is probably as good in English as my grandma...I'm going to graduate in a couple of months so I've been a bit busy but I promise I'll do it :)

Fiesta said...

Sheila, your quilt and plants are lovely. I love the flowers in your new header.

ozjane said...

That is interesting. I do not think I have seen any clivias yet but maybe I got blinded by the white lilies.
Now I have to go out tomorrow and check. I put mainly blossoms in mine today.
Those are lovely and healthy.

Barn Owl said...

Love your new blog HeadeAlso Quilt looks good.

Sarah said...

I love your mystery plant, but have no idea what it is.

Karen said...

Such a fun quilt Sheila! Interesting plants and I love your header photo.

Jules said...

The cuddle T quilt is going to look so good and will be greatly appreciated - without doubt. Just love the materials and stitchery combination.