Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After the usual check-up visit to the Doctors and her faulty BP machine, I have been shamed into getting a bit fitter.   The last three times, the Doctor has had a Student Doctor in attendance with her.   They always ask, but of course they have to learn on someone.
Whilst she went to change my medication, the Very Young Soon to be Qualified Doctor was left to ask some questions.   
Are you doing anything about it he says.  
I looked blankly at him.
Are you walking.like 30 minutes a day.
ummmm says I just around the block  10minutes.

Well he had such a lovely Doctor Manner.  I came home minus one set of medication on the condition I take fish oil as in lots.   Now as these are quite expensive, I thought I better make an effort.

So sorted out the stop watch and with The Scots help, have mastered the timing.   Well 15minutes walking and then I either turn around or head for home.  Also music onto the MP4 player and some new fancy headphones, the others fell out of my ears.

And    The Scot caught me on my way back.
3 days out of 3 so far, and two were wet.

We now have our Smart Meter, and we are all hooked up to The Grid generating electricity from the Sun.

All the electricity we generate goes directly back into the Grid.    We obtain our house electricity from The Grid.   We just have to now negotiate how much The Electric Company is going to pay us for the electricity we give them.  Hopefully over the year we will be paying practically nothing.

The Scot is quite excited and I caught him checking how much we were generating, and the sun was barely shining.


Sarah said...

You look so cute in your bright jacket! I sure wish we could get that solar setup, but it is not affordable here. I know the Scot loves the new gadget :)

retdairyqueen said...

Well good for you Keep up the good work You look fitter already

Sooziii said...

Well done you!!

Love the Scot checking up .... I have a little handheld unit that sits in the kitchen so I can keep tabs - but have to admit the novelty wore off very quickly....lol

quiltinbysea said...

Congrats on the walking, its hard to do when the weather doesn't co-operate. Love the Jacket, you really look the part.

Will be interested to see how the electricity exchange goes, we were supposed to be assessed today but they didn't turn up.....how unusual it that - not

Jules said...

The Green Queen ( And King ) That is brilliant. Just love the idea of harvesting nature in all its forms - so sensible and GREEN!

So, green with envy, your slobby rellie sits - the great unwashed, undressed-as-yet, girding her loins to go to work, a few paces round the corner, reading and seeing all this positive energy in action..............
Well I DID manage a few good walks during the last fortnight but knowing me, it will have to cover a few fortnights! lol
It is true - you look so healthy, happy and more fit already. Good on yer! Go girl.............

Karen said...

Cute picture! You look like you are enjoyed your walk. Before you know it, you will be walking 30 minutes one way and then back.

I love to walk, but because of the humidity this summer I did very little. I'm now back at it and love it. Sometimes with music in my ears and other times without.

I wear a step counter. They say you should take 10,000 steps a day. The path I follow right now takes about 7000 steps. I'm hoping I make up the other 3000 steps during the rest of the day! It takes me an hour and I walk pretty fast.

Happy walking!!

Vickie said...

now I'm a few days behind and commenting -so I just know yes for sure that you have had lots of walk by now are feeling fitter???? The power thing is a cool idea you would think we would have it in place up here already but nope...cheers Vickie

Angie said...

Congratulations, Sheila!!! I wish you were next door...after my heart attack July 1 I definitely need to do the same thing---we could walk together!! :D You just go, girl!! And could you send the Scot over to help make me some vegie beds? :) I've missed you; hope all is well in your world.