Wednesday, September 29, 2010


First More Postcards. 
The Theme was 'Symbols'
This one is from Thea.  Always so original and inspirational.

and the Posting Side.

and I can show you the ones I sent as they are now arriving.

If  you haven't heard of A Round Tuit .... just google or go to

I think I mentioned I have a couple of quilts to quilt, and the sewing machine has been through the paces of late so it really needed an oil and clean and the foot pedal was sticking (it wasn't the pedal at fault it was the plug where it connected to the machine.

So The Repair Man gave it a once over

What do you mean ....... will I get it together again ?

Leave The Expert to fix it

and no, I haven't had a chance to check it yet.


fingers crossed.


Jules said...

Wonderful Pc's as ever. Oh I do get to see some lovely work from talented folk these day!

And what a laugh again! Sorry young William but it is the captions - priceless! Well done for fixing the machine - (hopefully!) ;-D

phil the pom said...

busy busy bee get some kip in and go to bed you naughty girl i get up early but you are just going to bed it must be something with your upside down world waiting to hear from u. loves ya. PtP