Wednesday, September 15, 2010


no flowers but some hexies for The Adopted Sisters Garden.

my hands and mind have been on other things.  Even tho yesterday would have been the most perfect day for a Garden Party.

The weather being so fair, some work was needed in the garden.  I like to start in September so that its looking good for Christmas/January/February when its so hot and its just nice to enjoy,

So a lot of weeding, feeding and mulching was in order.

Of course The Scot has been working in his Veggie Garden.

Last Year saw a very sad site of the Aggies, so before Winter we dug them up and replanted.   So yesterday we weeded, fed and mulched.

The Native Plant on the left is a Grevillia and already has started attracting the native birds.  I will try to capture a photo of them feeding.

The goldfish are showing signs of activity and demanding more food, I hope we don't get too many more babies.  At last count we had 14 fish.
I am trying to talk The Scot into letting me paint the back wall and make it a feature to hang those bromiliades from, the ones that grow on pieces of wood.   So far no luck as with the chooks.

And this is what the Scot likes with homemade vanilla icecream, for his lunch.   Well only one of them.



Hexies count also ;-)
You are having a lovely springtime, here it is authumtime, wet and windy, but for today a little sunshine.


Gerda Hartman said...

You can make lots of lovely flowers with those hexies. Have a nice day.

Fiesta said...

Lovely hexies Sheila and your spring activities are looking great. I know the Scot will be showing us some flowers soon.

Karen said...

Petals turn into flowers, so you did good this week. Things are looking wonderful in the garden. Such a nice way to spend time.

Marion B. said...

Nice hexies ánd garden.

Marieke said...

Some beautiful hexieflowers will be made by those hexies. And working hard in the garden. Good luck with the paintjob (or confincing the Scott!).

Valentina said...

Like any good gardener knows, preparation is so important! :)
I can imagine how lovely your garden and your quilt will look!

Mascha said...

Nice hexies.

Birdie said...

Your flowers will be lovely when completed. I see you have been busy with your other garden.

Paula said...

Very nice hexies and a promising garden. the weather is getting cooler over here as we are getting beautiful autumn colours everywhere. You are in to spring and lot of blooming.

Thank you for you comment on my blog.

Raewyn said...

What a lot of work you got done, even if it wasn't the stitching kind. Your prepared hexies will grow into something beautiful, I'm sure.

Melody said...

Can't have the flowers without the petals. Lovely fabrics.

Kate said...

Your garden is looking lovely Sheila...It is going to be stunning come Christmas.Loved the look of the stacked Yummies...Ooops..sorry,,,your petals are so pretty too...Kate x

Jules said...

You have been really busy one way or another - shame about the chooks and painting creation but hey, less work eh?

Love vanilla ice-cream too - and are those stacked yummies jelly?

Cisca said...

Your flowers and clamshells are lovely, so is your garden. What a beautiful quilt with that blue border! In front of it father and his Princess, what a pity your children live so far from you.
Greetiongs, Cisca