Friday, September 10, 2010


When I first came to Australia newly married, 6 months, and all on our own.  I had great visions of creating a Dynasty of which I would be the Matriarch.    roflo

what is the saying ...... well laid plans of mice and men.

I managed three children, but sadly no grandchildren, so I think it may be a case of

I came I saw I made my mark but then I was gone.

But I must add that I am very proud of my children.   I feel I must have done something right with them along the way.  Even tho we did have some manic years when they were in their teens.

No 1 Son is now in Taiwan.   Learning Chinese and travelling to parts I only read about.  He has a very interesting blog .

Middle Son is married but I call them (fondly) my Ageing Roving Hippies.  He and his Chosen One like to live on the land, when he works he works very hard but he does believe in taking holidays frequently.  But he lives about 5 hours East of Melbourne.

The (Scot's) Princess, or our youngest daughter lives about 5 hours North of Melbourne.

So sadly I don't see the kids very often.

But last night we received a phone call .... The Princess would be in Melbourne today would we be home.

Would we be home .......  ask ducks if they can swim.

She was down here as she had a funeral to attend.
This was an early morning one, so she arrived mid morning.

She lives in the country, but works as well.  Also helping her partner at the weekends.  They also have a horse, they are training.   You remember I told you about that last one .... it had sore feet so The Princess was having to bathe them and rub ointment into his poor sore tootsies.
They have a new horse, but apparently it doesn't like racing, so they are having to encourage it a bit.

We caught up on her news, and she on ours also she was very complimentary saying we didn't look like we had aged much.   See I did bring her up well.

Of course there was the usual photo shoot ..... and here is one of The Scot .... doesn't look like he dotes on His Princess much?

So tonight as I lay me down to sleep, I can dream the sleep of the innocent knowing I did do some things right. 


 Craigie Kids I am very proud of you all.


retdairyqueen said...

How lovely for you both to see her

Kate said...

Thank you for sharing your story Shiela...Kate x

Iceni UK said...

My dear Sheila, big hugs for you, thanks for sharing. xx have a wonderful time.

Molly said...

What a lovely smile the Princess has!

Sarah said...

Wow she looks just like him!

Sooziii said...

Well done on the pages!!! (Hexagons). Now all you need do is fill them ALL up.

Barn Owl said...

You have a lovely Family.

Cybele's patch said...

Love your story. You say exactly what I feel sometimes looking at our girls. Your daughter lookes quite happy being home again. So you must have done a few things right ;-)

Jules said...

How beautiful.. Brought tears to my eyes. A truly lovely looking girl is Sarah with a beautiful smile. In fact none of those offspring would turn the cream sour! Good genes obviously! ;-D