Friday, August 20, 2010


on a very cold wet day.

Well I sat at the computer ... all day ....   sorted through all my files, three USB thingies, numerous CD's and with the help of PhotoImpact, and of course The Scot under duress to help finally seal it down.

It isn't a very good photo, as I had to stand side on to avoid the flash shine.  But I am very pleased with it.  It was a very difficult task getting photos to the right size to fit in, and some of them were photos from the last century, you know before digital cameras.  But it shows some of My Favourite Things and "Things" my life centers around.

The Scot has just given me this photo...... he did a sneak photo shoot of me ..... he said he was too tired to fetch the hammer in, and I just couldn't wait to 'hang' my handiwork.   So I used what I always use when he is not around ....... the right tool for the job !


But before starting this, I just couldn't help myself ...... yes another 5 minutes of fame.  I entered a quilt in the Weekly Themes from Quilting Bloggers.   The Theme this week is Flowers .... my quilt was a pattern from PatchworksUnlimited.   And the fabrics were purchased with a voucher given to me by ladies who attended a Monthly Meeting at Wadham House (this was when I belonged to a Land Group).  I would open up, make sure there was tea and coffee available and generally make everyone welcome.   They did the rest.  but when I decided to stop they kindly took up a collection so that is why I was able to buy quite expensive fabrics to make this lovely quilt.

oh  you would like to see a photo ........

but make yourself a cuppa and take yourselves over to Weekly Themes, to enjoy the quilts entered this week, and if you can make a choice vote for the one you like the most.  It was a very difficult task as there are some lovely ones there.


retdairyqueen said...

Love the quilt and the photo

Fiesta said...

Wonderful quilt and photos Sheila.

Jules said...

aussie pom strikes again! Love your picture frame - not easy to do I know, hope they are firmly fixed!

The quilts are lovely as ever - you seem to have at least 4 votes and I am unsure if that includes mine. It was a close call but I found it easy to get to a few really nice ones. I could not have done any, so they are all worthy of praise in my eyes, but I guess in the end subject matter, composition and ease of image display do it for me. ;-D

Iceni UK said...

Sheila, your quilt is fantastic, so original. You have my vote.

Jules said...

Hahaha - that is a super tool for the job birdy! Not too tired to pick up the camera then.... Bless.

I use a shoe or anything to hand really - well its not that difficult to bash a nail in is it?! lol. Unless you hit a brick or an electric cable!!!