Tuesday, August 17, 2010


 ...... when Middle Son last moved (about his 50th move in his 39 years) he gave me what seemed like hundreds of daffodil bulbs.   I hope they multiply, as they will make William Wordsworth smile down on me.

This was a happy sight to what was a cold and wet weekend.

But The Art Studio doesn't that sound grand.  Seems to have found some law and order.

well the books and magazines still need to be sorted.

And to celebrate I made myself some cards to enclose with swaps etc.   The Scot says they make me sound a bit pompous.   But I like having an Art Studio.

and the back.   This was taken from a quilt I stitched

This kept me out of The Scot's hair the few that he has left.  He is busy trying to convert old Movies into Digital form.   If he has any luck I will show you a trailer at a later date.

And trying to keep up with removing my middle name of LATE.  I have been busy with the T towel swap.  I have 11 of these to do before the end of the year.   thank goodness I chose January as my month.


Jules said...

Well - what can I say?!

Will you still be on chatting terms or do we need to request an appointment to view! LOL ;-D

Art studio beautifully tidy, film crew in place - let it roll........

Your work is lovely birdy. xxx

Barn Owl said...

As uaual everything is Brill,
Good Girl
Will it stay that way.
We wait and see.

phil the pom said...

Whow that is very commendable, the art studio' I sometimes wish we had a little more room but there you go, as things turned out Iwould have had more housework to do, so maybe all went well but well done I commend your tidiness and what you accomplish is also very accomplished keep it up love to the scot, movies now thats more me but i shou;d never fathom out what he finds so interestingly easy,, tatty bye PtP

Fiesta said...

Sheila, I always find it so interesting how our seasons are opposite each other. I do like the idea of an art studio since you do create art and I can't wait to get my towel from the towel swap. They look fabulous.

ozjane said...

Love the daffodils.....have them floating around here and there but heaps of hyacinths this year.
And mega camellias and now blossom.

Kate said...

The Art Studio looks wonderful...and so organised...well done Sheila..may you have many happy hours in there...Kate...

Lindi said...

Art Studio sounds sooo good! Looks good too, and I love those cards!